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August 2008  

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OKAY.. so obviously i read way to much!  
09:05pm 26/01/2007
The Happy Family

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One must say THANK YOU.  
12:10pm 15/01/2007
The Happy Family
Dear Dr. King,

Thank You.

Because of you, I went to school everyday and got a great education.  An education based on what I could DO not my skin color.

Thank You.

Because of you, I never had to experience the hardships of my parents or my grandparents, and other elders in my family because of my skin color.

Thank you,

Because of you, my family embraces all of our shades as unique and beautiful.

Thank you.

Because of you, I shop where I want, whenever I want.

Thank you,

Because of you, I go where I want, whenever I want.

Thank you,

Because of you, I interact with different cultures and people everyday and rejoice in their differences.

Thank you,

Because of you, My children are proud to tell anyone that listens that they are special because they are what is good of being black and what is good of being white. 

Thank you,

Because of you, my children get an excellent education that again focuses on what they CAN DO, not what their skin color is. 

Thank you,

Because of you, my children go to school and sit in a class room that is as different and diverse as a box of crayons. Different religions, different cultures, different colors.

So thank you Dr. Rev. King

Racism and prejudice still exist. The gap between the haves and have nots is getting bigger. Some days when you look at the news, you feel like the world has taken 1 step forward and 20 steps back.


I am GLAD i do not have to wonder what a world would have been like without a Dr. King, a John Kennedy, a Bobby Kennedy, Rosa Parks, a Malcolm X or many others. I don't really want to know. I am GLAD that i experience what you were such a major part of changing.

So when ever you think that no one cares, i will stand up and say I am grateful. I am thankful.

SO thank you.

Because of you, we ALL still have a dream.

mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
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Voice Post  
05:23pm 09/01/2007
The Happy Family
96K 0:29
(no transcription available)

Testing out the voice post thingy with some help.
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WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
04:41pm 09/01/2007
The Happy Family


I just had to turn it off during the begining of the 4th quarter.  GOOD GRIEF.

Painful.  absolutely painful.


Of course by the middle of the first quarter when I realized that i could tell exactly what plays the defense was going to run, I figured... hmmm  this is not good. 

And after such an awesome first touchdown too. 

 I could do a huge anaylisis of the game, but I think what it comes down to... it was obvious a zone defense was not working.  You cant stick with the same defense plan when it is obvious that the other time knows exactly where you are going. Why is that? Because they kept running the same defense plays. 

i think they were relaying too much on the "DUO" to take charge and score alot during offense then it wouldnt have made a big deal.  But I dont think they were counting on one of the "DUO" getting injured. 


Still havent had time to post about xmas and all. It was a blast. 

I am going to get some pictures up this week.

OH yeah and I need to get pictures of my new DO up!
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Wesley and his first day back at school after break.  
09:27am 04/01/2007
The Happy Family

My son is a nut.  No seriously, he is a huge ham.

Does he look like some of the other kids depressed about going back to school?  OH HECK NO!!! 


Cause you know all the books he read and the educational things he did duing beak wasn't leaning anything. *rolls eyes*

What a nut. 

Kaya was happy to be walking aound the school too.  I have to say, i might have fussed to much about the school starting so early, because no othe school aound here gets this amount of time off for winter break like we did.  Basically had three weeks of break. Pretty cool!

Plus they still get out early.  Okay so maybe i was hasty with wanting him to start later in August.   Of couse now i dont think they have a choice because the governor pased that law about schools not being able to start until the 3rd monday of August. 


WHOOO HOOO!! CAN"T WAIT FOR THE OSU GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*whines* Michigan lost through *sniffles*  Who saw that coming?



OH yeah so we are getting a new bed. Been ordered and should be there in a few weeks!  Let all have a party!

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10:04pm 03/01/2007
The Happy Family
Okay so it has been forever since I have posted something right? 

Let me mention first that I LOVE my beyonce wig!  Man!  i have been getting talked to and compliments and everything sense! I think philly likes it too.  It definitely looks better with my skintone then the darker hair.   SO i think i will stay an 8 with 12 and 14 highlights fo a while. Designing my next wig now.  I am thinking i am going Janet jackson with that one.

So again, it has been a while.   Mostly because I have just been so busy. Between the hair, getting new items in, teaching stylist how to use the products, being an active parent (like my folks were) at the elementary school, and handling the kidlets, there just isnt enough time in the day.  I just dont seem to have any free time.  When i do i try to spend it with family.  


Wesley's turned 6 on the 16th of Dec. We had a bday party for him at www.thehouseofbounce.net .   Of course it was a Star Wars bday party.  House of bounce knows him so well.  They did an awesome job on his party.  We invited all the kids from his class. Unfortunately it was right as xmas break started but he still had a nice little turn out, plus most of the family was there.  My mom and brother made it into town on Saturday. Paul (brother in law) took the day off of work and then of course all the rents (except my daddy who couldnt get time off) were there. 

Wesley collected toys for toys for tots and all instead of presents for his bday.  The neat part was that several people brought something for him and something for the toy drive too.   He was really excited about that. Plus he and kaya helped us (my mom and I) empty out the playroom with toys for goodwill.

My bother and Paul were all over the place with little kids chasing them! It was hysterical. I really have to post some pictures.


Let's see while Mom and Damon were here, we headed up to myrtle beach and took them to www.magiquest.com .    Mom 2 (mom in law) went with us.  It was a blast!   My brother really got into it towards the end!  We try to head up there every couple of weekends cause the kids really enjoy it. We always make a day of it. Leave around 9ish-10ish,  stop of magiquest,  eat at the HardRock cafe, then walk around the broadwalk, then head home.  

I AM SOOO FREAKING EXCITED because they reopened a Disney store there. *drools*  So needless to say, i hit that everytime we are up there.


Damon had to leave early so he could hang out with some friends before heading back to school.  I think he had a good time!   He left the day his autoharp arrived to the house though. BOY!!! it is a good thing he paid me for it because that was one fine instrument!  I wanted to keep it! HAHAA!   I hope he enjoys it though, it was really nice.    


I think we surprised damon with an upgrade for the Ipod. We had made a deal that he would give us his old one and i would get him a larger one, but i got him the bigger one that he wasn't expecting. Then i think we surprised paul really well by getting him a nice collection of Asian dishes to go with his wok.   Kaya helped pick the items out and my mom and I had a blast doing the shopping for it. 


So All in all everything has been great.  We have been having some asthma and other allergy issues with the kids.   They seem to take turns being better and being allergy sick, so that makes life easier.  (sucks with both have sinus infections and both keep having asthma attacks. 

Philly passed all his classes with flying colors. Has been doing awesome. Problem is now that he will have to take some hokey classes til he can take the classes at the end of the year that he needs to graduate. 

Hair has been awesome! I am so excited about the new things we have been able to get in stock and offer.  Working on adding more items all the time.   I want to get some good natural products to go with the hair. Working on it!


On that note,  post more about xmas and the rest of the last few weeks tomorrow i hope. 

Hope everyone had a great holiday.  

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LOVING THE WIGS and Wesley was the helper!  
04:59pm 05/10/2006
The Happy Family
SO Wesley finally got to be the main helper in Kindergarten!

HE LOVED IT! His teachers always laugh because he is so excited over the littlest things. Actually his teacher does a great job making the kids feel special. He said that it was the best day of his whole life ever. Of course he does say that often, but it was good that he said that about school. Everyone always talks about how he is so happy when he comes into school everyday.

Now I understand what he was talking about during those first week of school. He was upset and complaining and they were not learning anything out of books. They were just learning the other kids names. Well what he didnt say was that they were drawing pictures of all the other kids in the class. When you became the helper, you then get a book full of pictures that all the other kids in the class made of you during the first week of school.

Wesley LOVES his little book. He is so excited about it!

Okay I really need to scan some of the pictures in because they gave him his little braids and even put in his superman curl at the front of his head. The littles girls just went into so much detail!!!!


Kaya has been kaya! No really she has been okay with him going to school. She is jsut ready to pick him up by 9am. There have been some allergy issues, but at least they are not always at the same time and they are having diferent problems, so that helps a bit.

I am down for the count though. I can not WAIT until winter.


ON A big NOTE!!!!!!!!! we are now getting lacefront wigs and frontals in stock. Oh my stars i so want to order one for myself!!! I think they are going to be the big thing once people see the pictures!
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NEW TOY (minivan) and Someone stole my hair!  
08:18am 06/09/2006
The Happy Family

We got a new toy. Okay so it isnt a toy, it is a new mini van (new to us, but it might as well be brand new because this car is in showroom shape minus one little scratch by the trunk) . This thing is really neat! Okay so I am quite pleased with it. It is a Pontiac Montana Thunder (with the Thunder Sport edition package on it which basically means it came fully equipped with everything on it) So everything in it is GM made and supplied and came with the van except for the Sirrus radio. Basically has an SUV sports package on/in a minivan. This is literately what they mean by a man van, hence why they marketed it as the minivan for those who did not want the soccer mom look.

 It is an extended van so leg room a plenty even for my dad who is around 6/4 . The really neat part is that not only is there leg room but the seats are HUGE. It has those overlarge leather seats. Those racing seats. So if you compare it to other vans we have rented and tried with the carseats, this is the first time I have seen captain’s chairs that are overly compared to the kids car seats. Really cool. I also like how the they are not really close to the sides on either side of the van. Plus it has the side air bags that I wanted. Oh and that parking aid thing which if you all have parked in Wesley’s school’s parking lot, you would want those too. That parking lot is INSANE! Okay the 8 cup holders are a plus too. Another big thing is that I have this thing about the automatic doors. Of course now I am trigger happy and the remote is in my head backward. If you are looking at the remote and click the button on the left, it opens the right side door, if you click the one of the right then it closes the drivers door.

Tomorrow having the Viper 5900sst installed. Got a great deal on it plus with installation it is still cheaper then purchasing at Best buy or Circuit city. Remote start is a must around here with the humidity. Today without was not cool, though the van does get cool really quick. With those vents all over it cools down really fast. This one comes with a pretty need keyfob. It has a little picture of a car on it and tells you what is happening to the car. Plus the run button remote start and being able to do it a mile away instead of the normal ¼ of a mile is big. Need to get another keyfob for philly though since it only came with one. (Have to remember to check ebay) 

The really cool part is that it came with a 5 year/120,000 mile warranty. The warranty is really nice it has the big warranty package on it. Covers pretty much everything in the car that is mechanical. We have one on the impala too. (last year I posted a post about having to fight with them about getting to cover a repair around june). It also came with 2 years of Sirrus radio. So we actually have around a year and a half to decide if we like it and want to keep it and renew or not get the service again. So far love it. They have this kids stuff station that the kids think it great! So combine that with the DVD player and the activity trays I got for them, then I think we have trips to ohio covered! SO I programmed in the kiddie stations and the news stations into FM 1. Philly can have FM 2 if he wants to program stuff in. 

Now the fun part was getting it here. I was getting a little annoyed with trying to get some answers from the stupid transporting companies. SO finally I got tired of it and found USHIP.com. Okay so I will promote uship.com to everyone! If you have something you need to ship that will not fit in a box, uship is the way to go! I got a bid from this great guy on uship named Kelvin who happened to be driving a BMW that was won on ebay up to NY from Florida, so it worked out that the Minivan was in NY and needed to get here and He lives in GA so he was able to drive it down and then hop one of the flights to Atlanta. I was getting a little annoyed with getting dicked around by these moving companies. Saying they would be able to book the car in 2-3 days and then not hearing anything else from them. So took matters into my own hands so to speak and found uship. 

I really like the parking aid thing! Came in handy with a nutjob person that parked next to me in Walmart’s parking lot today. 

Any suggestions of a picture hosting site? Don’t really want to use the server or put it on the gallery and don’t really want to put it on the fotki. Hmmm Maybe I will start a fotki gallery just for family pictures and all. 

The people we purchased from were super nice and you could tell they really didn’t want to sell it. They were moving from Longisland into NY city, so they really didn’t want to pay parking for it cause it wouldn’t be cheap. But they are glad it went to a home where we sure will enjoy it! It really is nice. We all like it! Can’t wait for my folks to ride in it!


ON to what happened with my shipment 

We know for sure it was packed right in India and wasn’t even opened by the India post once the boxes were split up to get it out quickly. Then we know it was okay through USA customs because if something had happened during customs, you get a call and have to fill out all this crap and I have to have my supplier supply a picture of the box to show how it was before. (we went through this one time about a year ago but nothing was missing the box has been dropped and burst at the seams in customs) 

ANYWAY, so I saw by the tracker that this last box went from customs to Columbia SC and it sat in Columbia for 3 days. Didn’t move! So I kept calling the post people trying to figure out what was wrong. So finally the next morning I see that the package is enroute. So I expect to be able to pick it up that evening at the local post. So Weds I run to the post before it closes to pick it up. Nothing . It isn’t there. I thought maybe it was still at the sorting place and just came in too late to get delivered to our local post for the day so I didn’t think anything of it. It happened before so I figured that was what it was. 

Thursday was when Ernesto came through and they closed the post really early and so when it was not delivered I didn’t think anything of it because I knew that the post had closed around 10am. Friday, I drop my 5 year old at school (kindergarten) and my daughter and I just sat out in front of the post office to wait until it opened at 8.30am. I go in and the package isnt there. So I say WTHeck (my daughter was there and she is 3 but I was thinking something else) I don’t have the tracking number on me, so I run home and look it up and that is when I see that Tuesday it was sent to Augusta GA and stayed there until Thursday evening and then was sent back to Charleston SC. 

When the box came on Friday afternoon my carrier said, Girl someone busted a hole in your box. The weirdest part was that it looked like the cotton cloth they wrap around the box had be sliced not busted on the seams and the box had a huge hole in it. I could see all the hair instead. So we opened it right there and I could tell it wasn’t right. My suppliers are good about bagging things up so I know how much is in each bag and how many bags of each size it takes to make a KG. I have been working with them for several years, so I am pretty good at noticing this. I could tell right away that not only was half of the bulk hair missing but the majority of the handtied weft was missing. Everyone is thinking it happened it Columbia and that is why it was missent to GA to hide it and to hopefully have the package get lost. They had also ripped all the shipping labels and everything off. (lucky thing is my supplier also puts my name and everything on the box and on the cotton wrap. So I weighed everything out and yeah I am missing a little over half of the handtied weft hair CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? 

We are turning in all the labels and pictures from my supplier to the investigator today so they can get started on the case. My supplier is now going to use my fedex account to send my hair to me, so I do want to let you know this shouldn’t be a problem again. I couldn’t believe it I am still floored! I mean it was obvious stealing too. Not just taking a little bit that might have been caught, but this was a bunch of hair. KGS of hair! So it had to be an inside job because there isnt any way anyone else would have been able to hide that much hair! 


SO where i am excited about the van and all, I am pissed off about the hair. This is making this week very stressful. 

OH yeah let me also mention the other big screw up the post office did. ALl of my express packages that were mailed friday morning (8:34am by the way) have been screwed up and were not delivered in the right away on time. Did they go out on friday like they were supposed to? OH no, the post office screwed up all the packages that were in express envelopes. Oh the one that was in a box made it on monday. The priority boxes made it yesterday. But the express envelopes? OH NO!!! they screwed those up big time! I am so disgusted by the post office that I just dont want to send even a letter through USPS at this point.

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tags: hair, minivan
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08:19am 06/08/2006
The Happy Family
I forgot to add the BB KING TICKETS!!!
So BB King is going to be up at Cain Park (the park that Damon works at during the summer , he works in the gallery which shows his work and also one of the scenic artist for the sets).
Anyway, Wesley loves B E King and his Gitar Seal,  so we are heading back up to Ohio around Aug 20th.  Yeah so Wesley will have to miss a couple of days of Kindergarten. (of course if his school started when all the OTHER schools around here started on the 23rd then he wouldnt have to miss a few days)  But whatever my theory is that BB has already said that this is probably going to be his last tour since his diabetes hasn't been doing too hot. (Saw that on a today show interview or good morning America or something)   So well worth it.   Okay so i am still a bit floored that the kids had to have adult tickets but that is okay.

Still haven't gotten around to the picture or video uploading. Keep saying i am going to do it and i have just been so busy. 
Today i am redoing Wesley hair for his first day of school tomorrow. Wesley is soo excited.   He is on a braid kick right now instead of wearing his little curls, SO i will keep redoing it until he wants a new hairstyle.   He loves to change things up. He went through a superman phrase (his hair looks alot like Chris Reeve from the superman movies and he also can do the hugh jackman thing from xmen!  Hehehehehe! 
We might go to see barnyard though I have alot of orders to get together for pick up tomorrow.  
Tomorrow kaya and I are headed to the Boo hoo breakfast.  I am not upset. Heck he will be at school for a shorter amount of time then he is at camp, but the VP invited kaya and it would be in bad form to not go I figure. Oh well, i wanted to talk about my popping into the school for random visits (yep, going to be just like my folks) so might as well get that out of the way. 


OH I decided that i didnt like the med allergy bracelets.  I didnt want to pin a note to Wesley clothes or anything where he stands out so much to the other kids.  The bracelets just seem like they will get stuck on stuff. (this going on how he gets bracelets stuck on things at home)   He is good with necklaces though, so i found really cute dogtag style.   he is on this Solider kick anyway, so i ifgured the dogtags would be the best. (checked with my folks on what they thought)   He wont have the tags for the first day but it should be here by tuesday thanks to express mailing and rush processing!  Plus i didnt want anything gold because i figure he is going to loose them on accident plus they have to be updated every year.  *ponders* Well around his bday since the doc wants his age on it. We didnt put his name on it though because that is just dangerous so we just did like you are supposed to do on their school backpacks just put his full Initials.   I mean seriously if people dont know him, they aren't going to know all his names.  I mean the kids have a bunch of names, who takes the time to learn them all? 
Oh well, not much else. Trying to write often.  Besides the allergy things and the heat, things are pretty cool.  

Oh on another note, I bet my uncle is glad he sold his house in El Paso.  WHOOO  have never seen that kind of ran around there. 
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BOY IS IT HOT IN HERE OR WHAT!!?!???! Tons of stuff.  
02:25pm 03/08/2006
The Happy Family
WOW! Long time no write. Been a while! Superly busy. I haven't been able to keep up with anyone lately. I have a bunch of people I need to send IMs and phone calls to.

Granny is doing better health wise. I suppose she is doing better. Mom thinks that she had prepared herself to die, so now she doesn't know what to do with herself. Uncle Carl has been getting her out making her walk for exercises. They have been having some issues with her doing her exercises.  I had hoped to catch up with Auntie and Annie while in town, but just didnt work out that way.  When we got there granny just looks so.... small compared to how she normally looks. I mean okay the woman is only 4'11 (we give her 5 foot cause that is what she says she is.)  She is tiny anyway, at least compare to use 5/9 plus people in my family, but she had lost alot of weight and it was just painful to watch her eat.  She would eat one bite for what would feel like an hour before she would shallow.  They (mom and uncle) kept saying we could go do other things, but i just didnt feel comfy being in town but not being at her house because well,  i think the kids being around helped her get a boast.   I still have to apologize for not being able to get with everyone in dayton and in columbus, but i hope they understand what with granny being sick and why i had to change my plans yet again.  We spent alot of time driving granny around and showing philly some things from being a little kid in dayton.  Man has that place changed.   Le sigh.  Anyway,  i didnt get to do all i wanted to, but i think it was more important to hang out with granny while we were there then doing some of the stuffy i had planned.

So anyway that takes me to the fact that We recently popped up to Cleveland, Columbus, and Dayton Ohio. Once again plans were totally tossed around. It is just so hard to plan trips because we always just run out of time there is just so many people to try and see and so many things to try and do. We were there for almost two weeks, and I lost my voice for 95% of it! IT WAS SO COOL!!! It wasn't as bad as the allergy time when i was in highschool, but it was pretty darn cool. I could feel that throat start to close up as soon as we hit I 271 going around Cleveland to the East side. They were cutting the grass. Even with all the windows up and AC on, it was pretty bad! 

Okay, so my folks have new physco neighbors. They are a trip now that I am not there, but when i was there i was attempting to yellow out the window for them to shut the noise. (forgot that i lost my voice) It's a long story, but lets just say that I have never heard the words G.D. it said that many times in such a short amount of time. Cleveland Hts has an awesome response time because the cops got there pretty quick and told them to knock off the yelling. I mean seriously Cleveland hts is no cheap area to live, and they have a law and rule about EVERYTHING (you can get a ticket/fine if you put your trash out too early. The law says something like you can not put your trash out until after 5pm (might be 7pm) the day before trash day or something and you better believe they will give people TICKETS for putting it at 1 minute before!) 
We hit the star wars exhibit at COSI.  Oh WOW! That was so cool! The kids were so excited!  Wesley got his picture taken with several of the characters.  His favorite is with the lady and man that were dressed as Padme and Anakin from the 2nd movie.   "Anakin" gave Wesley his lightsabre to hold during the picture.  He was in SUCH AWE!!!  I have to get my pictures up of that.   It was a nice treat for him since he had been worried about granny.  

Kaya enjoyed everything BUT the droid thing. She did not like that it got dark in there.  She liked the Mil. Falcon though.  

In Cleveland, did alot of the hair circuit.  It is now near impossible to keep hair closures and skinwefts in stock.      I am found liquid gold, so i added that to my stock along with vapon products.  I have had to go to preorders for alot of the skinwefts and closures.  We also have started with the lacefrontals.   The cool part is that even out of stock, i can supply them in less then 14 days. (usually 10-12 )

Wesley is so excited. He starts school on Monday.  I wont get into how freaking stupid I think it is to start Aug 7th.  The great part is that it wont happen again because it is now a law that school can not start hear until the 3rd week.  Of course, i am disgusted that it wasnt done for this year.  I guess i should be happy that it is the only thing i find annoying about this school.  I like everything else.  The really cool part is that Wesley got the one kindergarten teacher that i really really wanted!!!   She is the teacher that i have heard other teachers try to get for their own kids in school. It just so happens that it is the class that we always would visit and sit in on in the last year.   AWESOME!!   he is so excited.   He has been wanting to go to school for years now.  (i know i know he is just five) He didnt get into the 4 year old program.  They try to save that for at risk kids and ones with learning issues.   Wesley with his big words and his thirst for learning just anything, wasn't in that catagory.  So he had to wait another year.  But he is past excited to go.   His teacher had impressed me before last year when i was just looking around for all the info.  But i also noticed out of all the teachers she took a bit more time putting together littles bags for her students to make them feel good.  A sign of a good teacher?  one that can give every child in the room the same thing and yet enouch one feels like they got something special just for them.  I had alot of teachers like that.  So yeah, i am not worried about him having a great school year.  
Of course, since i feel that parents should be in the schools daily, needless to say, that is what i will be doing OFTEN!  

Besides that, it is hot here.   Our internet has been enjoying a freeze up during the day because of the heat.   oh well, whatever, i would rather loose the internet connection before the AC goes out.  I would rather have to reply to all my emails by phone!  
SPEAKING OF PHONES! I blew UP my Hitachi 9100.   *sniffles*  I loved my pocket pc phone, so had to replace it with another pocket pc phone.   Okay so this one is just AWESOME. It is half the size of the other and  it does tons more stuff then the hitachi did.  the ppc 6600 awesome sprint phone.  I am glad I got that one then instead of the replacment 6700 that sprint also has.  I have been reading alot of people like there 6600 better and have gone back to it after buying the 6700 and finding they didnt like it.   So i spent several days downloading mp3files and then changing them to wave files for ringtones. Plus a ton of programs like this call filter thing that i havent figured out how to work it completely yet.  
To make a long story short, I totally forgot about this plug in the house that i had been complaining about to the builders and then this stupid guy comes out and even through i TOLD the idiot what was wrong with the plug did he bring out the equipment to check it? NO!!! So anyway, after the trip to ohio, I completely forgot about that plug.  Well i forgot until i work up the next morning that i couldnt figure out how come my hitachi had been plugged in all night and then i couldnt figure out why it had only charged from 37% to 50ish%.  Then I plugged it into the lighter in the car and zzzzhhh  zzzhh  zip.  off the phone and the plug go.  So my phone got shorted out from the outlet and then the phone shorted out the lighter in the car.   At first thought maybe it was just the battery was fried, but when i put Philly's battery in mine phone, it sucked a bunch of the power from his battery right away.   So nope, shorted something out in the phone.
Oh well, i like the replacement alot.  It is nice and bright and it has alot more programs. This one really feels more like a portable computer then the other one.   Okay plus the sliding keyboard is neat.  So yeah, i would highly recommend the 6600 for a new cellphone. Especially if you are a PDA person, definitely nice to have everything in one small package that is easy to read and still fits in your pocket. 

That reminds me,  I think it was back in May or April, but i would also recommend the Casio Exilm camera for anyone that is camera shopping. It is a 7.2 mega pix. and the video on this camera is AWESOME!  Actually the video is ten times better on this camera then it was on that not so cheap camcorder.  I think the best thing (besides the video part, oh yeah and the sound on this thing is very clear!) is the best shot settings.   They have one that is for everything.  first camera that I do not have to worry about where to stand to take the kids pictures because it corrects everything for you.   So Wesley actually is that nice healthy tan color that he really is not the washed out color some pictures want to make him, and Kaya is that nice little carmel looking honey that she really looks in real life.     I have to get some pictures up of the COSI and some funny kid shots that I have.  
Actually what I will probably do is put them up on the fotki site in a protected folder and then give people password if they want to see them.  YEAH! that is a good idea!  Have a ton of pictures to post too. 
Anyway, i find that if i can watch how often the kids are outside, (this includes going to the store) their asthma is under control.  They dont feel well hot (no pun intended) when they are out though.  Once of the other reasons i think this aug 7th start time is just the craziest thing i have heard.  I can't wait to see what Wesley eczema is going to be like with him sweating. Yes the school has AC but it was still hot in there yesterday.    That reminds me i need to remember to make sure i have a bottle of cream to drop off for the nurse at school on monday. I also need to run to West Ashley tomorrow to have Dr Harper sign the papers so he can keep his meds at school.  

Well that is all I have to type about right now.   I have more but I think i am going to go finish playing with the kidlets.

Hmm normally i would run spellcheck at this point but I am too lazy for that today. 
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