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August 2008  

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09:04pm 29/05/2008
The Happy Family
Countdown til the last day of school is in full swing. Actually i cant really see where they have really been doing alot in the last week.

Wesley is going to finish his second year (first grade) on a high high note! which is Always good!

Kaya is doing great!

The car rider lane is wearing me OUT!

Hmmmm OH yeah philly has a new job with a new company. In more of a management position and he was able to carry all his years over and everything. Still works in the same spot and everythign. It is awesome.


SOOOOO What does everyone think of the new wig?!??!?!

Cute arent I?
mood: cheerfulcheerful
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(no subject)
03:38am 30/05/2008 (UTC)
I haven't seen a post from you in forever!!!

I'm glad Wesley is doing good in school!

Who got a job in Philly?
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12:15pm 30/05/2008 (UTC)
The Happy Family
The hair has completely taken over my life!

I dont mind of course but i spend so much time washing and conditioning plus emails and phone and now the live chat that it doesnt leave alot of free time.

*grins* i mean Philly as in Phillip (hubs name) got a new job. Honeywell lost the contact at spawar, so He moved over to the new company that got the contact. he got to keep his years from honeywell (11) and got a promotion so it worked out great.

*laughs* i guess with philadelphia and philly both being mentioned that it got confusing.

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(no subject)
11:27am 30/05/2008 (UTC)
OMG you live.. have you lost weight?? I have only seen one pic of you and that was a long time ago. But I like the hair.
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YEP not on purpose though
12:31pm 30/05/2008 (UTC)
The Happy Family
The hair has completley taken over my life! So you find you just dont have alot of free itme plus all the volunteering at the school.

Cant really complain though because it is healthier! Plus been walking more places and TRYING to help wesley ride his bike two wheels. SEriously dont have a clue how my dad taught me.

Hahaha going to try AGAIN to get back into the habit of writing.

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