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August 2008  

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02:13pm 05/04/2008
The Happy Family
So yeah!

We are still here.

Okay so i am going to say it again because seriously that seems to be what i do the most. We are working big time on adding new products to the website.

We just recently ran a huge promotion for for machine weft and it was a hit. The majority of clients want the handtied weft so I keep that in stock most often. I forgot we also did a hairpiece promotiona and it went really well also. I need to think of some sort of promtion for Graduation or prom. I am thinking of adding a poll to the website where i can have people take polls. I think it will help me see what promotions and sales the clients would like to see.


The hubby is fine, the kids are great, I am getting ready to register Ms Diva for Kindergarten on tuesday. *grins* Ms Priss who hardly ever wears pants. That should be interesting.

Kaya is the true sense of a tom boy. What i mean is, you have this girl that is as prissy and as girly as can be. Almost always in dresses (hates skirts and is not a huge pants person unless the pants have ruffles) and yet she can rough house just fine in those outfits. The other day she was wearing this really cut white dress (very Audrey Hepburn looking) with red flowers all over it. And was crouched down digging in the mud at school.

Hang and feet? Dirty. dress? Clean. Not sure how she does it.

Wesley has been rocking in his first grade year. all As. high ones in fact. They seriously cant get much better then then they have been. We are going to have to keep a big eye out on him becoming bored. When he is bored he is antsy and talkative. Which is completely the opposite of his normal school behavior. Normally he is anal to a fault. I do like the direction that the school is heading in. This year they are having the kids be much more hands on and actually DOING projects.

The kids have been quite helpful hair wise. I am probably going to have to up their pay a bit becuase they do work hard. *grins* now if they would show the same analness about their room and playroom? Actually lately they havent been that bad there either. Wesley more so then Kaya.

I think i mentioned they have their own computer? The school system here has set up a few great programs online that they kids work with. Mostly math related. Kaya just uses wesley's account, but she will have her own account next year. There are also some great reading and science programs online which they do everyday.

Yeah wesley will be a little difficult to deal with in computer lab. What did he say? "Mommy, the guy in the lab treats us like idiots." I did try to explain that not all kids are allowed to work and play on the computer. You would have thought that I had just told the boy that he had four eyeballs on the back of his head or something. The look of horror on his face.

The kids are a little off today. I dont think it has hit them yet, but we said goodbye to the neighbors across the street. They were transferred to the tampa florida area. We knew it was coming. We have all known since Sept. Maybe even before that. But i dont think it really settled in until the moving truck was there all last week.

Just realized how often the kids were over there or they were over here. We have seen a whole bunch of strange neighbors come and go with them.

I think it will really set in on Monday when the kids dont see the kids at school.


Lets see....

What else...........

Let's see anniversary was in March, I had a bunch of plans for it but they fell through due to kids getting ill which caused the babysitting plans to not pan out.

Kaya's bday is next week. We are also going to Walk with the Dinosaurs on the 12th! Just went to My Little pony Live last week. OMG THAT WAS ANNOYINGLY CUTE AS HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little pony was just the hubby, the kids, mom (inlaw) and myself, while walk with the dinosaurs will add paul and Dad (inlaw)

Already gave kaya her bday present. The dress Elisa made her (www.ecboutique.net) is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOO fits her. she has already been begging to wear it.

Yeah well i was never good with surprises.

Hmm what do I want for my bday? A larger stock would be good.

So is this completely rambled? yeah, but oh well such is life! i have emails to answer!

LATER TATERS!!!!!!!!!!
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