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August 2008  

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OH YEAH. My dumb search for a book light that i just HAD to have at 7pm at night.  
09:10pm 28/02/2008
The Happy Family
Why the hell did i just have to go to four stores just to find a book light?

really i think i have some form of OCD. Because anyone else would have gone home after the first or second store. *laughs* and the whole point was i didnt want to have to drive all the way over to the mall or book store when it was dark.

*grins* so i ended up at walgreens. Nope. Walmart. Nope. Publix. NOPE NOPE, other walgreens, NOPE. go back to publix shopping center and decide to run into kerr drug...

yeah you got it.. they had thirty of the sucks. darn it.
mood: chipperchipper
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