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August 2008  

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08:54pm 28/02/2008
The Happy Family
So we are still alive!

We are just all busy as all get out.

I have been spending alot of time expanding the line and working on updating products and adding more things to the website. We have alot of really great feedback.

We have been doing a few promotions and sales and those turned out to be great! I think i am going to do something like that everytime I introduce something new. It went over really well with the machine weft. I am thinking of doing one for wigs or maybe a longer length of machine weft. Not really sure yet. But whatever i figure out will be started by March 1st.

The kids are doing great. The hubby is moving to govenment since he finished school (with honors by the way). So things are going awesomely.

Hmmmm what else..

Could go into wesley's grades at school, but that would make me seem like i am bragging, but damn that little man is smart as a whip. Kaya has picked up so much too. I am REALLY glad they didnt have to go to daycare, they seem to have such a larger grasp of the world then some of the other kids their ages.

Okay funny thing rascal (the white golden retriever therapy dog) we rescued apparently has some static issues as when he moves on the couch right now you hear pop pop pop snickle snickle.

Gypsy has lost a bunch of weight and is her normal duchess self. (they figured out she has a thyroid problem which is why she always thinks she is pregnant and she thinks she needs to eat so much)


Anyway, i am going to try this again and write more.

I think it will help with some ideas i have for the company and also allow me to get feedback on those ideas. I will do those friends only though as i dont want to tip off any sales that might be coming up until I am ready to announce them.
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