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August 2008  

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Gypsy our doggie.  
01:20pm 17/05/2007
The Happy Family

So gypsy has a tumor on her leg. The vet just called. Now i have to go pick Wesley up from school and try to explain that(after taking

They are going to do an xray to remove it to make sure that it hasnt spread. Then if her chest is clear, they are going to do surgery to remove it.

I dont know what this does to our ohio trip. The kids are going to be so upset. Havent figured out how to explain this one yet. 

My last dog died from a tumor that was not found by the vets.  It ruptured.

GYPSY IS GREAT!  they went ahead and did the surgery (after doing the chest xray which was completely clear) so they removed the tumor.  

The doc said that he was pretty sure that it was just a round tumor and all but we would know for sure when the lab results come back.

so she is doing so well they said we can come pick her up before 6 days .

Wesley is going to be soo happy cause we though she was going to have to stay til saturday.

mood: worriedworried
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(no subject)
07:19pm 17/05/2007 (UTC)
do you have to tell them about the tumor??
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07:26pm 17/05/2007 (UTC)
The Happy Family
see when dad was sick they kept some stuff and my brother and I were ticked off.

Plus kaya went running up to wesley when he got out of school and told him that gypsy leg was bleeding and we rushed her to the vet and left her there.

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Re: yep
07:28pm 17/05/2007 (UTC)
ahhh.. can you just not tell him she is hurt and then wait till the x rays come back.. before you worry him more
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Re: yep
07:35pm 17/05/2007 (UTC)
The Happy Family
Yeah that is what i ended up doing. Kaya kinda took it out of my hands because of her big mouth.

SO wesley went on to house of bounce to play and kaya is asking when we are going to pick up gypsy.

I did tlak to my daddy though after i remembered that she had a chest xray a month ago and it was clear, so he seemed pretty positive.

I ended up telling wesley that she had a tumor on her leg. He already knew she had a calcuim deposit malignate tumor on her belly, so he understood it pretty well.

plus we have always been really open about illness and all.

Have to with dad having the defibulator and all
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