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August 2008  

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06:26pm 15/05/2007
The Happy Family
SO it is that time. he only has 8 days of kindergarten left. 

He is SOOOOOOOOOO SAD about that.  He wants to stay in Mrs. Purvis/King class. 

However it is onward to first grade he goes!

He is really upset about this summer break thing.  He is not happen about not being able to go to school for almost three months. He says he wont learn anything if he isnt in school. *laughs*

He wants to take golf lessions, chess lessons, and he says he has to practice his roller skating. 
This is on top of wanting to house of bounce, play baseball, and take swimming lessons. 

I just look at him and says "you do realize summer break is ONLY 3 months right?"

he says "yeah I wont have enough stuff to do!I need to find more stuff.


Seriously do you know how freaking hard it is to find a chess club or chess thing for a 6 year old?  Thank goodness for the programs online so he can practice when everyone else has something they need to do.
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