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August 2008  

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Coming out of the woodworks.  
03:52pm 14/05/2007
The Happy Family

Hair related: WOW sooo looks like we are about go big time here.  Should be exciting but i admit i am kind of nervous.  Not sure if i have enough time to get everything done the way I love to do things now.


ON that note, in the last two weeks all of a sudden all these past friends have been coming out of the wood works.   Not sure what to think of all that, but it is nice to see what everyone is up to.

It is amazing how much people are still in dayton or columbus ohio.  Not that many have moved that far away from where they lived when i hung out with them. 

Kind of interesting.

mood: amusedamused
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05:19pm 15/05/2007 (UTC)
Li Ferelwing
Seems to be a trend. I had people I knew from high school track me down recently. It was rather unusual... Ya know? Though I've been so busy with my "life" lately that I haven't really had time to keep up with others *sigh*.
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11:25pm 15/05/2007 (UTC)
The Happy Family
I know exactly what you mean!

i havent had enough time to keep up with the people that i talk to normlally so i know i am just going to irrate the peopel that are trying to say hi now!

It is cool seeing what some kids come college and highschool are up to!
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