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August 2008  

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Mother's Day, and life is just way to much fun.  
10:55am 14/05/2007
The Happy Family
OKAY so mother's day was AWESOME!!!!!! 

Wesley made a whole bunch of cute stuffy at school!  HE was soo proud.  

We went to the beach Saturday. Of course only took swimsuits for the kids and I still ended up waist deep in the water and Philly was thigh deep.  WHOOPS!  hehehe We could have stopped by my mum's house to pick up some dry clothes as we have plenty over there. (she is a doll, she helps with the laundry as my life has been taken over by HAIR and i just honestly do not have the time) But came on home instead!  Wesley we are used to having him go in the ocean, but kaya usuay doesnt even want to get her feet wet.  This time however she even went in up to chest deep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    SO next time we are all taking swimsuits with us because let me tell you driving home with jean capris with salt water is not COMFY!    Philly had on jean shorts. Not comfy either.

Okay so next time we will stop! HAHHAA!

SO sunday we head over there and had a cool little dinner and everyone got to hang out. I was able to get SEVERAL pages done on the disney memory book that i am having made.   It looks very nice!  just have about two more sets of pages to do and I should be done.


ON a side note, you ever notice how some peopie are only happy if you arent doing that well, but if you are doing very well, and things are going great, it just drives them nuts?   I have a few people like that. But it amuses me.  Plus if gives you that extra boast to make sure that all of your ventures turn out great! 

That being said, to improve on my work, we are adding machine weft hair to our line.   It is still virgin hair!   Very nice tiny machine wefts. 
I hope to get  picture up of them this evening.  

I do wish i had more free time cause i just do not have time for the small stuff like cleaning, laundry and all that anymore (not with over several hundred emails a day and tons of packages to ship everyday) but as long as I still have time to make for the kids then that is all that matters!


Wesley only has 9 days left of school. He is crushed.   (he actually has llike 8 and a half) 

He could go to school all year long and he would be happy. 

However he is excited about going up to Ohio and he is just as excited about going back to disney!   

The first family trip was awesome but this next one wil have both brothers going with and that is just going to freaking rock!

HAHHAHA my husband picking up my words, he said trendy! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA!
mood: amusedamused
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04:29pm 14/05/2007 (UTC)
Sounds like a really fun day!
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04:44pm 14/05/2007 (UTC)
The Happy Family
Wesley is doing a beach unit at school right now and had a field trip to the beach on thursday.

But most of his stuff got broken so he was upset (a classmate step on his baggie by accident)

SO we took him back. WE found a whole little crab that was dead so he was sooo excited to take that in today!

you shoudl have SEEN US!

I tell you what though, you cant have any look issues in SC cause i have never seen so many people in hardly any clothes in my life. I think it is the heat here, peopel are just like screw it, i like myself!

*laughs* but man you should have seen us! we look like drowned rats because we jeans just are not meant for salt water!

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