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August 2008  

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Mother's day and other musings. Kids pictures in the last post  
10:10am 11/05/2007
The Happy Family
OKAY soo my mom and my mum have mentioned all week about how this weekend is mother's day. I STILL FORGOT! hahahah so no one will be getting cards from me!  (figured out a way to keep my mom and mom in law straight. I call my mom, mom or mommy, and my mother in law Mum hehehehe  figured she would get me if i called her mummy! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA  but the mom and mum seems to work great when they are both together. Tested it out at disney.   Hate called them by name cause it always feels like i am calling my mom by name and it just weirds me out.  

Luckily most people kind of expect that as they know my butt was kicked this past month with graduations and prom. Couldnt keep enough hair in for everyone. Can not WAIT until the new shipment arrives. Though I swear it feels like half of it is sold already.

At the end of may we are on our way to ohio. Taking Wesley to the Temptation concert. Or as he calls them the dudes with the blue shoes. Going to try and see everyone while we are there.

Trying to figure out a way to put in going to Dayton Ohio, Columbus Ohio, and still hitting the Indy children's museum all in at one time. My parents took us all the time growing up and i really want to get the kids there while they are the same age my brother and I were.

However have to remember to save vacation time of the hubby's as we are going back to disney in OCT. plus i wanna try and go to Pilobolus performance in Columbus Oh which is Nov. 8th.  And i figure we arent going to be in the clear forever here.  Been here 6 years now and only two (three) storms?  Just alot of things i want to do this year. 

That is the only thing I HATE about SC. I am used to going to the theatre and seeing shows all the time and I want the kids to experience that live not just through CDs or DVDs. The arts are just not like what they are up in ohio down here. 


For those that didnt know, last entry has some cute kid pictures in it.


OHHH i do have a new thing to add to my day. Hurricane season is almost here. WHOO HOO!  dont like them hittin gplaces, but LOVE tracking them.  Hmmm Or does Andrea being around mean that it has started? Think you have to hit the actual date to say it started.

On that note, I need a coke zero. My brain is turned down this morning.

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