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August 2008  

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Wesley and his first day back at school after break.  
09:27am 04/01/2007
The Happy Family

My son is a nut.  No seriously, he is a huge ham.

Does he look like some of the other kids depressed about going back to school?  OH HECK NO!!! 


Cause you know all the books he read and the educational things he did duing beak wasn't leaning anything. *rolls eyes*

What a nut. 

Kaya was happy to be walking aound the school too.  I have to say, i might have fussed to much about the school starting so early, because no othe school aound here gets this amount of time off for winter break like we did.  Basically had three weeks of break. Pretty cool!

Plus they still get out early.  Okay so maybe i was hasty with wanting him to start later in August.   Of couse now i dont think they have a choice because the governor pased that law about schools not being able to start until the 3rd monday of August. 


WHOOO HOOO!! CAN"T WAIT FOR THE OSU GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*whines* Michigan lost through *sniffles*  Who saw that coming?



OH yeah so we are getting a new bed. Been ordered and should be there in a few weeks!  Let all have a party!

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(no subject)
02:04am 05/01/2007 (UTC)
i need updated pics of th kidlets.. thanks
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02:17am 05/01/2007 (UTC)
The Happy Family
But i dont know how to put them up on the home website anymore. *ponders*

What photo hosting thingy do you use???

I have great pictures but man! need something to put them on.

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Re: I KNOW!!
02:29am 05/01/2007 (UTC)

BTW.. do u have time to make the sling.. i saw u have been super busy

and i want to see the wig as well
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(no subject)
06:21am 05/01/2007 (UTC)
Benjamin LOVES school. LOVES IT! well, thats what we call his daycare. Its at a church and there is a daycare on site too. Anyway, when we start to go down the road to that church he goes CRAZY. He wnats "karen". he knows that he is going to play and learn. Today when we were leaving the director stopped me to tell me "he learns so fast" and "he is really smart isnt he" and stuff like that. She said that he impresses everyone and just lights up the center. I dont know if she was blowing smoke up my behind or not but I know HE loves it there and THEY really seem to like him. I know that if he doesnt go his 3 days a week he pouts.

Well anyway, good to hear that the kids are well. I know too well about asthma and allergy issues. My husband, god love him, was letting B eat fritos *sighs* He can have VERY SMALL amounts of corn diretives but never something like corn chips. ugh. Lets talk constant wheezing, eczema so bad it makes ME about cry and just bleckiness. Of course, before this the drs had already deceided hewould be on a dose of prednisilone *sp* all winter. Poor boys lungs hate this weather.

Take care of your angels...
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