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August 2008  

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Just a small collections of my new looks!  
06:31pm 26/08/2008
The Happy Family

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tags: hair
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09:42pm 25/08/2008
The Happy Family

yes i am still here! just superly busy!
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04:03pm 23/06/2008
The Happy Family

We just received another very LARGE shipment. Curly hair is selling VERY quickly also the longer lengths. It has been said in a majority of fashion magazines that the trend this spring and summer was to go long, and that seems to be the case!

We do have plenty of hair in stock clients are already asking for hair to get ready for back to school.

This is preorder ONLY.


Preorder ONLY (this breaks down to buy two get one half off)
Straight 12-15 inches 3 bundles for $200.00 (save $40.00)
Straight 16-19 inches 3 bundles for $235.00 (save $50.00)
Straight 20-23 inches 3 bundles for $300.00 (save $60.00)
Straight 24-27 inches 3 bundles for $360.00 (save $60.00)

Wavy/curly 12-15 inches 3 bundles for $215.00 (save $40.00)
Wavy/curly 16-19 inches 3 bundles for $250.00 (save $65.00)
Wavy/curly 20-23 inches 3 bundles for $315.00 (save $75.00)
Wavy/curly 24-27 inches 3 bundle for $375.00 (save $75.00)

Machine weft PREORDER ONLY

ADD $ 25.00 per preorder special.


BUY 3 bundles of the same length and get a 4 pack free.

Keep in mind that we do many preorders especially for curly hair.
Orders are places on a first to pay basis. We receive many preorders
at this time even with hair in stock.

Remember that orders are not completed until invoices are paid.
We are sorry but can not hold hair for anyone.
This INCLUDES salons and stylists.

COMING SOON! Bang hair pieces (CLIP ON AND SEW IN)

Click for Details


LACEFRONT WIGS, WIGS are quickly becoming our number one seller.
PLEASE remember to measure your head with your hair styled as you will wear it under the wig.
This will allow for a better fit. Our makers work to the exact measurements.
There are several different types of wigs caps available.

CLIP-IN Hair Extensions - now available
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09:04pm 29/05/2008
The Happy Family
Countdown til the last day of school is in full swing. Actually i cant really see where they have really been doing alot in the last week.

Wesley is going to finish his second year (first grade) on a high high note! which is Always good!

Kaya is doing great!

The car rider lane is wearing me OUT!

Hmmmm OH yeah philly has a new job with a new company. In more of a management position and he was able to carry all his years over and everything. Still works in the same spot and everythign. It is awesome.


SOOOOO What does everyone think of the new wig?!??!?!

Cute arent I?
mood: cheerfulcheerful
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02:13pm 05/04/2008
The Happy Family
So yeah!

We are still here.

Okay so i am going to say it again because seriously that seems to be what i do the most. We are working big time on adding new products to the website.

We just recently ran a huge promotion for for machine weft and it was a hit. The majority of clients want the handtied weft so I keep that in stock most often. I forgot we also did a hairpiece promotiona and it went really well also. I need to think of some sort of promtion for Graduation or prom. I am thinking of adding a poll to the website where i can have people take polls. I think it will help me see what promotions and sales the clients would like to see.


The hubby is fine, the kids are great, I am getting ready to register Ms Diva for Kindergarten on tuesday. *grins* Ms Priss who hardly ever wears pants. That should be interesting.

Kaya is the true sense of a tom boy. What i mean is, you have this girl that is as prissy and as girly as can be. Almost always in dresses (hates skirts and is not a huge pants person unless the pants have ruffles) and yet she can rough house just fine in those outfits. The other day she was wearing this really cut white dress (very Audrey Hepburn looking) with red flowers all over it. And was crouched down digging in the mud at school.

Hang and feet? Dirty. dress? Clean. Not sure how she does it.

Wesley has been rocking in his first grade year. all As. high ones in fact. They seriously cant get much better then then they have been. We are going to have to keep a big eye out on him becoming bored. When he is bored he is antsy and talkative. Which is completely the opposite of his normal school behavior. Normally he is anal to a fault. I do like the direction that the school is heading in. This year they are having the kids be much more hands on and actually DOING projects.

The kids have been quite helpful hair wise. I am probably going to have to up their pay a bit becuase they do work hard. *grins* now if they would show the same analness about their room and playroom? Actually lately they havent been that bad there either. Wesley more so then Kaya.

I think i mentioned they have their own computer? The school system here has set up a few great programs online that they kids work with. Mostly math related. Kaya just uses wesley's account, but she will have her own account next year. There are also some great reading and science programs online which they do everyday.

Yeah wesley will be a little difficult to deal with in computer lab. What did he say? "Mommy, the guy in the lab treats us like idiots." I did try to explain that not all kids are allowed to work and play on the computer. You would have thought that I had just told the boy that he had four eyeballs on the back of his head or something. The look of horror on his face.

The kids are a little off today. I dont think it has hit them yet, but we said goodbye to the neighbors across the street. They were transferred to the tampa florida area. We knew it was coming. We have all known since Sept. Maybe even before that. But i dont think it really settled in until the moving truck was there all last week.

Just realized how often the kids were over there or they were over here. We have seen a whole bunch of strange neighbors come and go with them.

I think it will really set in on Monday when the kids dont see the kids at school.


Lets see....

What else...........

Let's see anniversary was in March, I had a bunch of plans for it but they fell through due to kids getting ill which caused the babysitting plans to not pan out.

Kaya's bday is next week. We are also going to Walk with the Dinosaurs on the 12th! Just went to My Little pony Live last week. OMG THAT WAS ANNOYINGLY CUTE AS HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little pony was just the hubby, the kids, mom (inlaw) and myself, while walk with the dinosaurs will add paul and Dad (inlaw)

Already gave kaya her bday present. The dress Elisa made her (www.ecboutique.net) is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOO fits her. she has already been begging to wear it.

Yeah well i was never good with surprises.

Hmm what do I want for my bday? A larger stock would be good.

So is this completely rambled? yeah, but oh well such is life! i have emails to answer!

LATER TATERS!!!!!!!!!!
mood: amusedamused
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OH YEAH. My dumb search for a book light that i just HAD to have at 7pm at night.  
09:10pm 28/02/2008
The Happy Family
Why the hell did i just have to go to four stores just to find a book light?

really i think i have some form of OCD. Because anyone else would have gone home after the first or second store. *laughs* and the whole point was i didnt want to have to drive all the way over to the mall or book store when it was dark.

*grins* so i ended up at walgreens. Nope. Walmart. Nope. Publix. NOPE NOPE, other walgreens, NOPE. go back to publix shopping center and decide to run into kerr drug...

yeah you got it.. they had thirty of the sucks. darn it.
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08:54pm 28/02/2008
The Happy Family
So we are still alive!

We are just all busy as all get out.

I have been spending alot of time expanding the line and working on updating products and adding more things to the website. We have alot of really great feedback.

We have been doing a few promotions and sales and those turned out to be great! I think i am going to do something like that everytime I introduce something new. It went over really well with the machine weft. I am thinking of doing one for wigs or maybe a longer length of machine weft. Not really sure yet. But whatever i figure out will be started by March 1st.

The kids are doing great. The hubby is moving to govenment since he finished school (with honors by the way). So things are going awesomely.

Hmmmm what else..

Could go into wesley's grades at school, but that would make me seem like i am bragging, but damn that little man is smart as a whip. Kaya has picked up so much too. I am REALLY glad they didnt have to go to daycare, they seem to have such a larger grasp of the world then some of the other kids their ages.

Okay funny thing rascal (the white golden retriever therapy dog) we rescued apparently has some static issues as when he moves on the couch right now you hear pop pop pop snickle snickle.

Gypsy has lost a bunch of weight and is her normal duchess self. (they figured out she has a thyroid problem which is why she always thinks she is pregnant and she thinks she needs to eat so much)


Anyway, i am going to try this again and write more.

I think it will help with some ideas i have for the company and also allow me to get feedback on those ideas. I will do those friends only though as i dont want to tip off any sales that might be coming up until I am ready to announce them.
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10:32am 08/10/2007
The Happy Family
Affordable Virgin Remy Indian Hair, Quality Hair for an Affordable price.

Looking for great hair for your extensions? Tired of buying hair from the Beauty Supply store that matts and tangles after just a week of wear? Why not buy hair that will last the length of your hair style.

Try www.RemyHairToday.com . We sell 100% unprocessed hair that can be used in a variety of extension processes.


We have hand-tied weft hair for sewn in weaves or wig making and bulk (loose) hair for braids, fusion, and wig making.

We offer a variety of different lengths in straight, curly, and wavy hair textures.

What’s New?

We are now offering two types of hair. In addition to the more ethnic Indian hair, we have added a more european blend of 100% virgin Indian hair for the caucasion women.

On occassions we may have special offers of small quanities of 100% virgin hair in special colors such as blondes, browns, and reds. Since we only get a small quanity of these special colors, when available these will be listed on the www.remyhairtoday.com/forum . This hair will be sold to the highest bidder on a first pay basis. Look for these special posting.

We are now offering a moisturizer that we use on our (personal) extensions and weaves. It is wonderful, it keeps the hair moisturized while you wear your weaves and extensions. It is only $5.00 for 4oz bottle. A little bit goes a long way.

Have questions? Please ask.

Check out our forum at Location: worldwide
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Gypsy our doggie.  
01:20pm 17/05/2007
The Happy Family

So gypsy has a tumor on her leg. The vet just called. Now i have to go pick Wesley up from school and try to explain that(after taking

They are going to do an xray to remove it to make sure that it hasnt spread. Then if her chest is clear, they are going to do surgery to remove it.

I dont know what this does to our ohio trip. The kids are going to be so upset. Havent figured out how to explain this one yet. 

My last dog died from a tumor that was not found by the vets.  It ruptured.

GYPSY IS GREAT!  they went ahead and did the surgery (after doing the chest xray which was completely clear) so they removed the tumor.  

The doc said that he was pretty sure that it was just a round tumor and all but we would know for sure when the lab results come back.

so she is doing so well they said we can come pick her up before 6 days .

Wesley is going to be soo happy cause we though she was going to have to stay til saturday.

mood: worriedworried
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06:26pm 15/05/2007
The Happy Family
SO it is that time. he only has 8 days of kindergarten left. 

He is SOOOOOOOOOO SAD about that.  He wants to stay in Mrs. Purvis/King class. 

However it is onward to first grade he goes!

He is really upset about this summer break thing.  He is not happen about not being able to go to school for almost three months. He says he wont learn anything if he isnt in school. *laughs*

He wants to take golf lessions, chess lessons, and he says he has to practice his roller skating. 
This is on top of wanting to house of bounce, play baseball, and take swimming lessons. 

I just look at him and says "you do realize summer break is ONLY 3 months right?"

he says "yeah I wont have enough stuff to do!I need to find more stuff.


Seriously do you know how freaking hard it is to find a chess club or chess thing for a 6 year old?  Thank goodness for the programs online so he can practice when everyone else has something they need to do.
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tags: wesley
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