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Wifey to my Hubby and Mommy to The Prince and The Duchess.

The Prince and The Duchess, the little angels

The Happy Family
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Hiya Peoples.

I have two pretty large size communities called toddlertime and multiracialkids. I started them because we all know raising a toddler/ or a multiracial child can be pretty rough some days. They are pretty active, alot of fun, and everyone is welcome to join. Please feel free to invite others to join.

I also have two small communities that are things_for_kids and parentsinsc. They arent that active, but you never know when that could change. Also Thanks to mommyofjasmine for the new moody icons, plus visit mood_mania to share in all the fun.

This is a public journal and I want to keep it that way. I have alot of people outside of livejournal that want to keep up with what is happening and how our lives are changing and all that fun stuffy. I don't have anything to hide, I'm not ashamed of any part of my life and feel quite proud and happy to be able to share a bit about my family and friends. I am very happy and quite excited about my life, so i feel completely open in sharing. However, I do sometimes keep track of who visits my journal. If that makes you uncomfy, I'm sorry, but I do have two kids, so it is only fair of me to mention that to you. I RARELY post friends only post and that it more to protect other people. SO if you drop by, leave a comment! *chuckles* I know there are plenty (some being on LJ) that want me to fail, so I feel that it is important to keep things open so they can see that nothing they do or say will ever get me down.

If you add me, I will more then likely add you back. But if you don't drop me a mail or comment and let me know, then it might take me a while to realize that you are around. I comment as much as I can, but even I have days that i am just too busy with the children to comment to everyone. However, I DO read everyone's journal everyday.

Basic theory in life: I believe the only thing you should regret in life is not living it to the fullest. I take that very seriously. I don't apologies unless I am sorry and I don't let others dictate how I am going to act. I am very opinionate, but I don't mind if we don't agree. I will state my opinion as I see it, but I won't force you to change yours. I am an adult. I am not going to tell you to drop someone from your friends list because I don't like them. Nor will I get in the middle of people on my list fighting. I can be friends with anyone.

Happily married to the most wonderful guy who I have nicknamed My hubby (nope he doesn'd mind). He is definitely the prince of my heart and a knight to my shining eyes. Also, I am a VERY proud mother to two darling little rugrats! If you like the things you see here, then add me, if not, then oh well, your lose because you will miss out on some great stuff.

I am a stay at home mom (right now) which i just TOTALLY enjoy. I love cross stitching, making neat little things for the kids, and being outside.

I'm pretty darn smart (though i am not a geek), but i think the kids suck most of your brain power out of you (it is because you are always trying to make things simple for them). I also tend to type like i talk, so if you have a problem with rambling and odd sentence sucture and phrasing, this would NOT be the journal for you. I have alot of thoughts running through my head at all times. However my hands and my mouth tend not to be able to keep up with my brain. In other words, I am built for interesting conversation. I have a very small window in the morning in which to type. I rarely have time to go back for edits or spell checking. If you think that makes you smarter then me, well you can keep your theories. I just happen to feel that my kids and family are more important then a computer. I like to get our stories down. They don't have to be perfect. Don't start an argument with me unless you plan for it to last a few days or weeks. I am VERY good at the debate game.

Major likes and dislikes....

I enjoy malls, people watching, beachs, being outdoors, enjoying time with my kids and my husband, spending time with family, movies, finding a great sale and more.

I hate stupidity, people that assume things, garage sales, people that arent willing to try anything new, people who are racist or prejudice and hondas (haha kidding on the last one).


We live in grand ole SC. I love it. Totally adore getting to spend tons of time with my husband and our munchkins!!!
The prince of adorableness and The Duchess of cuteness!!!!!


I was born and raised in Ohio. I lived most of my life there, until one day i met my hubby and ended up in SC so i went from Tornado alley to hurricane row. What the heck is up with that? Also add in the year in blizzard snowbelt cleveland and you probably think I am a weather nut.

I have lived in 3 of the major cities in Ohio. I was born in Dayton so I went to elementary school there. I then went through highschool in Columbus. I moved back to Dayton for the first part of college (UD) then back to columbus for the rest (Capital U)

Some days i will be bouncy, some days i will complain. Hey, it happens when you have a son and daughter that drive you crazy *grins*. No really, they are the joy in our lifes, but it does make life interesting!

Mostly you will hear about something amazing they did, though i am sure there are going to be those days that i write about how they are driving their daddy and myself up a wall. I wouldn"t change it for the world since they are only that way because they are just way too bright for their own good *grins* Not just being biased there. HEHE!


My husband (viktor_zakkai) works for honeywell, loves his children to pieces, babies his impala, and is definately one of my favorite people!

The Prince

Wesley is on his way to being a five year old!!
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The Duchess

Mackayla is on her way to being a three year old.
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Gypsy is our dog. She is a border collie/ lad mix. She is a smart little five year old.
my pet!

My dad was a dentist while i was growing up and he is now a perfusionist. My mother works for a health insurance company and she does just about EVERYTHING for them.

I have one baby brother (heheh three years younger) named (carbonpuppy). He is a scenic artist. The last few years he worked at the Cleveland Playhouse in Cleveland, Ohio and Cain Park (an outdoor theater in the summer). This summer along with working at Cain Park, he also did a fellowship (intern class kinda thing) in New York. How exciting!!! Now he is working on going back to Grad School. I wish him all the best of luck.

My family (that i talk to anyway) lives mostly in Ohio though I have tons of second cousins and so on down around this area. I know because I keep walking places where people think i am someone else. WHOOPS!

My husband's family is here though, so I have a second mom and dad that help us keep the kidlets in line. Mom is as my mom would call her "Just a peach". I think that is a Georgia term *laughs* And Dad is alot like my own dad.


I love new people, so you add me, i will add you back, just realize that we do have two children, so it sometimes will take me DAYS to reply back to comments, but i ALWAYS read my friends lists and everyone on my friends list journals everyday. SO just because i dont reply doesnt mean i am not keeping up on how you and yours are doing.

I tend to write VERY long posts because I tend to only have one time a day that I can update on everything that is going on with the kidlets. I try to capture everyday, since I need the memories for their babybooks. Remember that you don't have to read everything everyday and that skimming is allowed! COME ONE, COME ALL! *laughs*

I always use cut-tags for quizes, pictures, and any tests or polls I might ask.

Hope to Chat at you sometime soon!!!!


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